Tuesday, October 06, 1998

First Edition of "Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene"

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You have known me for years as the best source for what is happening in the New York Cyber Social Scene.  As the industry has expanded, my interests have also expanded.

My readers have been asking for more reporting on industry trends, movers and shakers, and the buzz that makes New York as one of the greatest places for new media to thrive. One of my goals is to live up to your requests and deliver the newest, coolest, sassiest, inside news on The Scene. I hope to continue to deliver the best, wittiest, and most useful information. To be the best, I need your help. Email me with your news and views, career changes, and event information and I will keep the community abuzz with what's happening.  If you enjoy the column, forward a copy to your friends!

So let's get going.

Welcome to the first edition of "The Scene with Courtney Pulitzer."

This week at Internet World there were the typical hyped-up parties, events and seminars galore, and panels that fell far below expectations.