Tuesday, October 06, 1998

Internet World: Financial Sites Storm the Internet party

With such a focus on financial and corporate news, I thought it appropriate to start off the week at the Hoover's Online, EDGAR-Online, and Pequot Systems' "Financial Sites Storm the Internet" party on Tuesday, October 6th. The Typhoon brewery, an appropriate choice given the title of the event, was packed with business associates and "financial types." I had a great long chat with Brian McCracken of iSyndicate (http://www.isyndicate.com). Chris Allbritton (AP news) and I spoke at length with Chris Hayes (www.hayes.net), Rick Robinson and of Michael Peroff (www.strategicdomain.com), and Mark Pasetsky (www.middleberg.com). Jay Sears, vice president, marketing and business development of EDGAR-Online, introduced me to Ajit "Professional Thinker" Kambil, who came up with the electronic filing system for SEC and now is at Anderson Consulting and an Assistant Professor at Stern School of Business at NYU. Jack Gardner, national advertising manager at Hoovers, was telling me all about the thriving scene in Dallas and Austin, TX. Hmmm, maybe a trip is in order to check it out! Kimberly Benedetto, manager customer support, EDGAR-Online and Michael Valentin, director, internet technology, were also present enjoying the evening. Before I left I had a breath of fresh air by speaking with Michael Wolff and his exuberant wife Ms. Anthoine.