Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Silicon Bowl

Then I went bowling! The Silicon Bowl was concurrently going on at the University Lanes. Organized by Aliza Sherman and Cybergrrl, this tournament had teams mixed up with people from Interport, Darwin Digital, Concrete Media, and Yahoo!. Beer and pizza were rolling down thirsty gullets, as the gutter balls speed down the lanes. Gui of Concrete shouted out above the din that "bowling is such da bomb," Parker Stanzione and Lissa Hurchalla ( agreed. Cybergrrl's Kris Britt and Femina Cybrarian were there, as was Yahoo!'s Ari Diamandopoulos. You wouldn't guess 1st time bowler Ben Colas (Darwin Digital) didn't like those great bowling shoes judging from his consecutive strikes. George Decker, Morgan, Shana Hunter, and Renny Gleeson (also of Darwin) bowled some impressive games. I ditched my cheap white wine for a vodka, opted to bowl ala Peg Bundy, and lo! and behold my game started getting better too!

Silicon Alley companies all around are realizeing bowling's harmless fun. Upstairs, unknowing of the tournament was E-Pub's David Becker and Suzanne McNamee.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)