Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Columbia House's new offshoot Total E

The rest of the week calmed down for me till this past Wednesday, Jan. 28th. Starting out uptown at the China Club (47th Street) I met with many execs of Columbia House and their new offshoot Total E. Total E promises to be the total entertainment solution for purchasing online. Aggressive waiters passed around barbecued spare ribs, chicken satay, shrimp dumplings, and "Filet Mignon." Pyramids of California roll sushi tempted guests at the bars. Rick Hunt, VP of Electronic Media filled me in on the company and its plans. Rory Cumming (Dir. of Biz Operations) and Colby Hall (formerly of K2 and Spin Online) also elaborated on what many music distributor/retailer companies are trying to do -- sell their wares online.

Noah Yasskin was surrounded by his entourage of beautiful girlfriends. And after meeting Rick Wolter, CEO/Chairman of the Board of Columbia House, we had our photo taken with the eDNA's. These gals, sporting slick violent violet bobs and E T-shirt's were representative of the intuitive search engine on Total E's site.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)