Thursday, January 22, 1998

Doubleclick Network's party for its International partners

From the WWWAC party a number of us continued to Doubleclick Network's party for its International partners. Set amidst warm pomegranate walls and mammoth red velvet curtains, they once again succeeded in wowing a blaze new media crowd. Ad agency reps and other new media schmoozers are being wined and dined at an accelerated rate. Doubleclick nicely represented their international partners with an international themed party. Flags from represented countries hung from the balcony and vast tracks of regional specific food kept the animals at bay. The food sculptures were even more impressive. An intricately carved pineapple and carrot carved owl perched next to the sausage and peppers, being served up with a smile. Down the table was Watermelon Moses (not Harriet Tubman). Across the room (sans sculpture) was the new media favorite, Sushi Galore, being rolled in front of hungry eyes. The Nerve Mag crew was stationed here, with the exception of Genevieve Field who was back at the office working. Rufus Griscom (Nerve), bubbly Valerie Martinez (Brand Dialogue) and finance Bob Lao (CNNfn) were enjoying the evening with Angelina Kwok (BD).

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)