Thursday, June 19, 1997

Pseudo for Bytes of Bryant Park

THE FINAL EVENT of the evening was a benefit at Pseudo for Bytes of Bryant Park, an online showcase of poetry, sound, and movement patterns being developed for a six-hour event in September. There was a silent auction including an impressive list of items from the theaters, restaurants, riding instructors, beauty salons, and other luxury goodies. This event is being directed by Stephan Koplowitz, who was wearing a digital "life sign"-- created by Christopher Janney--clipped to his tie.

People appeared to dance in Bryant Park, on a TV set, when they danced in front of a blue screen (so THAT's how they did those scenes in "True Lies") One of NY's essential schoolteachers, Dawn Kersting, commented on one of the women dancers as "Murial's Wedding meets Rosemary's Baby with freckles and rosebuds in her hair." Freaky. She also touched upon another touchy issue in our new media world--"there were a lot of tall white people . . . not dancing." Large thick sheets of plastic as make-shift walls, blue and yellow gauzy ceiling scarves, rented white tables and chairs, lush fresh flowers completed the decor. I spoke briefly with Jonathan Sarno, Greg Elin, and Fedora-donned Josh Harris.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)