Wednesday, June 25, 1997

EarthWeb Moderator Launch & Doubleclick's "Twins"

The same night EarthWeb hosted a party to launch their new Moderator software package for managing chat environments. No management needed to handle the crowd of chatters on hand to enjoy the rooftop with barbeque, good ol' greasy sliders, a view of a smokestack, and the typical club dance/bar/lounge scene inside.

I bumped into cyberscribe Katherine Cavanaugh. Tony Raposo and Matt Toner of the Canadian Consulate General in NY were on hand. The duo have become regulars on the cyberparty circuit. A bit far south for Canadians, eh? "Just part of their invasion," they admitted. Heather Champ, another Canadian, ran past to chat with EarthWeb's Alex Chaffee and up-and-coming-hip-DJ Jon Spooner. Another runner Taura Null of I-Traffic--who raced in the Corporate Challenge earlier in the week--joined Mike Essl of Chopping Block in the pleasant evening weather. One EarthWebian I managed to buttonhole with was Matthew Work, Director of Strategic Planning. He's got quite the job considering how hot chat and community enabling software has become.

Some partygoers managed to made over to the DoubleClick party at (where else?) Twins! It must've been fun considering they had (can you guess?) 2 for 1 drinks.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)