Monday, June 16, 1997

CJP ad for NYPops Summermusic (@NY)

* Monday, June 16th -- Wanna know what your intrepid Cyber Scene Columnist has been up to when not hoofin' it to cyber events? Feeling like you haven't done anything worthwhile lately? Tired of blowing money on mediocre drinks in middling bars listening to median music? Conquer this malaise with a copious cornucopia of classical culture and help out tommorrows aspiring musicians so your prodigy won't have to listen to crap either. How? Come check out a fundraiser I'm chairing at:
New York Pops Summermusic concert
"Broadway Under the Stars"
Monday June 16
6pm-Wine, hors d'oeuvres and musicians
Festive attire
55$ a Pops
RSVP 765.7677 by Monday am