Thursday, January 11, 2007

Creative Good's 10th Anniversary

Well folks, I'm happy today. That's news enough, wouldn't you say?! ;)
And to top it off, last night was a fabulous Silicon Alley Reunion-type party! It was Creative Good's (CG) 10th Anniversary ( and what a "good" party it was. The nicest thing was that, because the co-founders are such nice people, their employees are too and only the nicest people in the Alley (and beyond) were invited. Yeah, that's right, that means if you didn't get invited--or didn't attend--then you're not a nice person. You know who you are! Alright, I'm kidding, but it was a nice party.

So, I started off with all this nice-ness by seeing Creative Good co-founder Mark Hurst, who pointed out his lovely wife (across the room) and proudly announced that he'll also be a father soon! He was chatting with Improv Everywhere's ( Charlie Todd and Charlie's girlfriend Cody. Then I bandied about with Todd Varon of the Blue Cross et al and Henry Bator III of Berkshire Builders & Remodelers, both visiting from Virginia. Former CG employee and current JPMorgan associate Alex Bergmann and I also caught up. He's probably known me the longest of anyone at the party since we went to high school together.

Also schmoozing were Cnet's Daphne Kis, Frette's Cecilia Pagkalinawan, Mission Assurance Corporation's Henry Bar-Levav and attorneys Jerry Goldman and Frederick Salek. If you're in the mood for a good cuppa joe in Williamsburg, head on over to Fred's son's joint "Verb Café" or around NYU to "Think." Mention Fred and you'll get a free coffee (or not!). Vfinity's Mark Chackerian and I, who hadn't seen each other in nearly a decade, chatted about current activities and NYC biking tactics.

Well, after all that schmoozing, Digital Pulp's John Bachir and I sampled some hors d'oeuvres during the CG video presentation of their reminisces. Of course, after sampling a small handful of chocolate-covered cacao beans, we were wired...and headed over to the band-set up so I could belt out some Nancy Sinatra before getting a picture of co-founder Phil Terry with his mother and niece. CG financial director Allison Young and her band promptly took over and more soothing Latin tunes ensued.

Based on the size of the party, the niceness and enthusiasm of the guests, I predict another good 10-years for Creative Good!