Friday, January 19, 2007

Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene ~ 1/19/07

Greetings Cyber Scenesters!  Here is this week's edition --

And the details:
* Some days are Red-Letter days and some are Yellow Star days!  Wednesday, January 17th was a Yellow Star day--I got my Yellow Star from ebay. Yea! I am a good 'lil shopper (and buyer)!

* Many readers know that I take women's and children's issues seriously.  So it was natural for me to attend the Girls Inc. celebration luncheon kick-off breakfast at Mutual of America's lovely ballroom on Park Avenue on Wednesday, January 10th.  After welcoming remarks from MoA Financial Advisory Services VP Virginia Kwiatkoski and Girls Inc. president and CEO Joyce M. RochÈ there were a few opening statements from several of the luncheon's honorees. 

Girls Inc. has been helping our nations girls feel more confident to express their smart, strong and bold natures.  While this program is very successful, they also just published a study that reveals that girls today experience intense pressure to be everything to everyone all of the time.  Following in the footsteps of the 80s SuperMom, "The Supergirl Dilemma: Girls Grapple with the Mounting Pressure of Expectations" shows how girls are particularly frustrated with the growing expectations that they should please everyone, be very thin, and dress "right."  And while stereotypes about girls' leadership capabilities and math and science abilities have diminished, persistent gender stereotypes and escalating stress levels limit girls' potential and undermine their quality of life.  So.  We still have work to do.  If you care about this subject, I encourage you to attend the celebration luncheon on March 20th.

* It's not often this reporter ventures to Brooklyn, but when I do I'm always excited about the adventure that lies ahead.  Held at the Brooklyn Borough Hall, the Brooklyn Junior League hosted an informational session about their innovative Court School program.  Designed by the Junior League of Brooklyn for the Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center, this program help prepare child victims of sexual abuse on what to expect when they appear in court. 

After an informative introduction by one of the BJL volunteers, Ilana Sussman of the NYC Law Department provided more details and answered questions.  Utilizing a cute floppy Teddy Bear named Carey, children learn in a group setting about this daunting event.  Together, in a friendly and fun setting, they learn about terms used in court, the roles various people play, how to behave when certain actions are being conducted and to always feel comfortable telling the truth and to say "I don't know," if they don't know the answer to a question. 

This program is not restricted to just children in Brooklyn so please spread the word to your various police precincts, churches and other law agencies!

Chris Bryant is onto new terrain and even if you're not shy, check out his new company ShyCast.  Based in good ol' stinky Joisey (hey, I say that with love!), ShyCast will put a new spin on brand promotion and paid contests.  Check it out and give good comments!

Okay, now for the FOOOOOOOD!
You are invited to witness a fascinating and tempting discussion on the founders of calculus in a most colorful setting!