Saturday, December 31, 2005

TCS Ads ~ 2005

========================= NYSIA ADV =========================
Come to NYSIA's Monthly Meeting this coming Monday, June 20th
This month's topic: "The Impact of Service Oriented Architecture on Business
Practices and Methods."  The software industry is experiencing a strategic
shift.  Dr. Daniel Sabbah of IBM will discuss how the adoption of a component-
based software development model ultimately represents a significant set of
changes to management systems, processes, infrastructure and technology.
Date: 6/20 Time: 6:00PM - 8:15PM Place: JPMorgan Chase, 270 Park Ave. 3rd Fl.
========================= NYSIA ADV =========================

========================= JOBS! =========================
PHP Developer needed in Midtown Manhattan
     * Investment firm is looking for a top-notch web developer who is skilled
in an enterprise environment and understands not only how to build good
technology, but also how to build scalable technology.  Client wants to expand
their current team with self-motivated creative people who thrive in an
environment where they are constantly challenged. *
     REQUIREMENTS: 3+ years PHP experience, actual real-world use of PHP 5.x,
Smarty templates; Thorough understanding of object oriented programming,
Thorough understanding of database concepts and principles (specifically with
exposure to MySQL 4.x); Advanced knowledge of a UNIX type operating system
(preferably Linux); Apache; Source control with SVN or CVS; Excellent
organization and time-management abilities; Strong work ethic; Conscientious
nature; Prior work in Financial Services industry a plus
CONTACT: Matt Cummings [].  212-370-0000
========================= JOBS! ========================= 

========================= JOBS! =========================
High profile, high paying, technical jobs can be found
through contacting
Mr. Matthew Cummings []
========================= JOBS! =========================