Friday, December 23, 2005

The Restless Sleep

November 15, 2005
Another prolific and successful friend, Ms. Stacy Horn [] was reading an excerpt of her book “The Restless Sleep” at the KGB bar on East 4th Street. Not only was it riveting, but it’s so very sad to think of all the people, all those souls, who have been extinguished before their time, and who’s files, if not solved sooner than later just get boxed up and moved into the basements of precincts until the precincts move and then just tossed. That’s only a fate I’d wish on my most favorite enemies... Stacy read to us about a young woman who’d been murdered in her 20s...never to be solved. Considering the popularity of these types of dramas on television and movies, I’d recommend checking out this fascinating read too!