Friday, December 23, 2005

The Renewable Hydrogen Foundation – an update from John Bates

The Renewable Hydrogen Foundation – an update from John Bates [], who is now the Director of Membership of the foundation []

Are you tired of paying so much at the pump? Are you worried that the rise in oil prices will fuel inflation, or worse? Do you wish we had energy security, instead of dependence on often unstable and unfriendly foreign suppliers? Would you like to do something about all this? Then meet The Renewable Hydrogen Foundation. We believe that oil prices will continue to rise dramatically, though erratically, and that urgent action is needed now. Action that paves the way for alternatives to oil. Joining The Renewable Hydrogen Foundation is a vote for the incredible resourcefulness of people, both in America and the World. Unlike the
pain at the pump, this is a vote for a cleaner, healthier, and renewable future. We are proud to invite you to join the The Renewable Hydrogen Foundation team. We're launching our very first membership drive ever and we want you to take this opportunity to join us. At The Renewable Hydrogen Foundation we develop and deploy alternative fuels, and ways to produce them that are cleaner, safer, and more sustainable. We have world renowned scientists, and active, forward thinking citizens working together to create and implement an alternative fuels and energy agenda apart from industry or governmental pressures. You can find more at our website, Please click the Join Us link and become a member today. You are the vanguard of a new age and we salute you!