Friday, June 17, 2005

What's Up with those WWWACky people?

For me, sometimes the WWWAC list is a great indicator of what's going on in the
industry.  And a recent re-viewing of it revealed a lot!  People all over the US
are on this New York City originated and based mailing list for those-in-the-
trenches technology talents.  Here were among the more popular threads this

Baby names? Yes, baby names.  The U.S. government has its own historical
database of popular names:  But the Baby
Name Wizard is the coolest app I've seen for this type of project:  Then, if you're just trying
to come up with character names for your next Great American Novel, you can find
one using Nameomatic:

Google's ranking secrets are out!  Discover the hidden secrets yourself at:

Steve Jobs provided a speech at Stanford's Commencement exercises.  Some found
it inspirational, some felt like if they didn't take a Calligraphy course they
were screwed and some used it as a spring board to discuss career paths and
"jobs" versus "gigs."

Next up in the hot-lineup is how employers can do background searches and even
what you write in your blog can get you fired.  No kidding?!

And finally, a subject close to my heart ñ discussion on where we are in 2005
versus 2000 and earlier in terms of jobs, salaries and whatnot.  Contribute your
thoughts too at: -- just sign up and post away!