Friday, June 17, 2005

Upcoming Events

FreshDirect talks about their brand and their site at:
Mark Safire, President, NYC chapter of UPA/Director of User Experience
Research/Sachs Insights - the art of research

The fate of Governors Island was a popular topic for a while. I remember some discussions on the possibility of it being a potential technology incubator as well as thoughts on it hosting a casino. Either way, the public is able to enjoy the park again and there is ferry service from lower Manhattan. Now open on Saturdays for the Summer. Bring a picnic and muse on its history and future yourself.

Like the Phoenix, Vic rises again as well!
From their website: "Ten years after a local community helped give rise to a multi-billion-dollar industry, Southern California's premier technology networking community is re-mobilizing for its next phase of growth. The new VIC Network will expand to include Northern California, connecting the west's two major business centers, reconnecting old colleagues and fostering new relationships that will last a lifetime. In addition to our famous networking and educational events, the VIC Network will feature a host of online networking tools for members to create connections with professionals across town and around the globe." Next event? One day after mine! Wed. June 22 VIC @ SF ArtSFest Center 6-9pm

New Media Netizen Andrew Raisej is running for office! Vote for our next Public
Advocate, who really understands Technology! More info: Cocktails with Courtney will be promoting and supporting Andrew. We hope you will too.