Friday, January 31, 2003

TCS Intro ~ 1/31/03

As promised, I am writing my newsletter, but on a monthly schedule. And, continuing on with my theme (which I didn't fully reveal) in the last newsletter, but that which many of you picked up on already, of honesty, I'd like to continue in that vein.

Now, if you'll indulge me...

I've told friends and family, "well, I thought 2002 was the year for "two," or "true" love." Boy was I wrong! So, after a harrowing romance, engagement and short-lived marriage, I'd like to say, "2003: The Year For Me!"

And, as I've begun my newsletter this year (well, starting with my "end of the year issue") with honesty, I'd like to continue in that vein as well.

So, going forward, you'll be subjected (or entertained-whichever way you look at it) to my brutal truth. And, if you don't like it, that's fine. You don't have to read it. Although I have a feeling it might be more interesting that any of my previous columns. And yet, who's to say if a self-indulgent newsletter will have an audience? I don't know...look at blogger...

The month of January went like this for me:

New Year's Eve: Run 1-mile of the 4-mile course for the New York Road Runner's Midnight Run with my friend Rich. I was going to meet Adam too, but we didn't hook up. Of course, before the run I partied with my crazy cousin Lauri and her beau.

January: Slept a lot. Read a lot ("Marie Antoinette," lots of books on relationships, and now I'm reading "War and Peace." Cried a little, and then a lot. Then I decided I'd like to adopt a pet. I've played with this idea for a while, but with  the lifestyle I lead it was hard to justify having a pet because I was never home. Now I'm home a lot. And I'm obsessed with Greyhounds. I think they are the most beautiful, graceful, elegant and gentle creatures. And, you know what they say about dog-owners(that they end up looking like their pets). Well, I don't want to end up looking like a pug or a pitbull!

I plan on sleeping a lot more this month, and next if I can. I'm sure you can relate-after six years of working 20 hour days and maintaining a lifestyle that was coffee on espresso with a shot of jet-fuel. A life of mellow, lazy, sleepy days is just fine with me.

Back to the honesty theme. As I said, this is the "Year For Me." I hope it's a Year For You too, because that means that everyone's getting to be themselves, which is the best way to be. I suppose this wouldn't be such a mission of mine if I didn't feel like I was really being myself for so long. But, however painful a divorce is, it has helped me see that I wasn't being honest about my true likes and dislikes and that I've put on the "pleasant, happy, outgoing Courtney face" for too long and I need to spend some time being the miserable, mediocre, uninspired, unimpressed Courtney. So There!

Do I still have a few devoted readers? Well, if you've hung in there this far, then you're in for a treat because guess what folks? That's Not All! (R)

I will be hosting a "Cocktails With Courtney" soon enough, but they will be smaller and focused on just small groups of friends at a time. (Stay tuned)

What else can I say? 1) Don't believe a man if he tells you he dreamt about you 5 years earlier because it probably means he's unstable and psychotic. 2) Don't believe a man that tells you the reason why he didn't marry the woman he dated for 8 years and lived with for one year and was engaged to for one year is because "she wasn't you." 3) Don't let your parents talk you out of having a pet because they keep telling you "it's a lot of responsibility." So, what, I can run an international business for 6 years but I can't take care of a dog??!

Okay. Do I sound bitter? Sigh. Don't let it distract you, because underneath this gruff layer is the same old sweet Courtney you knew and loved. So I put on a few pounds?! It's cold out there! ;)

Alright. Enough of my sniveling. You can read more about it in my upcoming book " The REAL story of the Cyber Scenes as seen by a Prize herself!"
Hee hee. Hooked yet?

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