Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Publisher's Note~ Publishing change, Get out and Vote

Seasons change and with them come change in life. While we've been having a good long run as a weekly newsletter, this writer is beginning to focus on new directions and avenues for her talents. Not willing to give up my beloved and not wanting to disappoint the thousands of readers, we will continue to publish, but on a monthly schedule. We view our publication as a trusted resource that people anticipate receiving. And because we're all being bombarded with spam at an unprecedented rate, and because we don't want to be treated the same way (i.e. to be deleted), we're hoping our limited schedule will keep us with your other "favorites."

By all means, please send us your announcements and event listings. The Calendar will continue on a bi-weekly basis and we'll still be covering the events you want to know about.

In the meantime, enjoy Election Day! Get out and VOTE!

~ Courtney