Thursday, November 07, 2002

NYNMA Technology Showcase (nee Super Cyber Suds)

What began as a way for startups to show off and like-minded techies to network among peers has been a bonafide showcase for a few years now. This year's NYNMA Super Cyber Suds was renamed the Technology Showcase and it drew in over 400 people throughout the half-day event at the Metropolitan Pavilion. All the exhibitors experienced the crush of traffic and NYNMA executive director Alice O'Rourke commented that there were great people with high energy."

Silicon Alley Station's Bob Ponce and Dolly Nielsen were broadcasting live throughout the day and as I approached the "station," powered for free by Gaia Power Technologies, they were interviewing @NY editor Erin Joyce. I chatted with the three of them, who in turn introduced me to Gaia founder, CTO and Manufacturing VP Dr. Ib I. Olsen. Primary Support Solutions president Michael Kraner expounded on how his firm provided the technical support for NYNMA this day. Sister and Brother dynamic-duo Alexandra and James Ontra of Ontra Presentations were highlighting their technology solutions for complex presentations and sales.

Metamorphnet's managing director Hsiaoping Jao was perusing the aisles of exhibitors, as were Appgate CEO Goran Marby, Deloitte & Touche's Ellen Auwarter, Twin Towers Fund director of Technology Howard Greenstein, and Diana Butler. I met Logicworks director of marketing John Wolff, Kidbiz3000 president and CEO Saki Dodelson, and president Dan Parisi at their booths, respectively. NYS Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research director of public information Jim Denn was sharing a booth with NYU CAT "Patroness of Order, Slayer of Chaos" Debbi Baum.

With such a positive day with new exhibitors alongside old, big companies next to small ones, it was proof that the tech scene is alive and well in New York City.