Wednesday, November 06, 2002

ADV ~ Accents by Allison

Economy got you down? No job yet? Don't fret! Give yourself a little treat for getting through the week with a beautiful new garmento! Clothing from "Accents By Allison" ( is so timeless and hip and the shopping online is so easy with your personal shopper--Allison--that you'll even bypass Scoop!

C'est vrai! Summer clearance items still exist (perfect for the upcoming cruise you're booked, er, dreaming, about. Check out: Alexia Admore, AnnaBui, Nataya-Yantha, Suss, Atlantic Coast, Liquid, Sawary Jeans, Hanky Panky,Teresa Goodall Join us at Even better, if you're in Manhattan and see something you like, "Allison" will bring it to you to try on! How's that for personal shopping service!