Friday, March 29, 2002

Publisher's Note ~ Prayers, Thanks, Peeps

1) Please pray for those suffering in violence in other parts of our fragile world.

2) This week we have a basket full of goodies for you. Ranging from Indian and English networking to cellists and cocktails, people were out and about. We also are treated to a new columnist, Evelyn Tauben’s write-up of the National Museum of American History exhibit on the July 1942 magazine covers depicting the American Flag and the “United We Stand” motto. Perhaps in sixty years there will be a retrospective on the magazine covers for our most recent “United We Stand” campaign? And once again Tamar Fleishman graces the Scene with an interview of director Matt Wilder.

3) It's official! I'm now the official owner of The Cyber Scene ®. The United States of America department of Patents and Trademarks has granted me registration of this as my official trademark. So if you use (or see someone using) this mark without my express permission, please be aware that I will be protecting this.

4) Many thanks again to Matt Peyton of Silverbox Photography for the photos of the Chamber Dance Project party on March 18th.

5) Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

6) Amusement surfing for those with sugar-on-the-brain: