Thursday, March 07, 2002

AIMing for a Deal

In their regularly scheduled Dinner and a Deal evening, AIM's (Association for Interactive Media) regulars met up at the Metronome for another night of rich foods on Wednesday, March 7th.'s president Kevin Lee and IMT Strategies' VP Internet of marketing research Rick Bruner chatted about mailing list services while Carol Peters and Commonwealth News Service's Norman Ackerman held a heady tête-à-tête. Inceptor's Victoria Felix introduced me to Inceptor's Bill Coyne and explained how the company was born in the UK through HyperLink. After spinning it off on its own, they brought it to the US. Inceptor enjoys a true international makeup, with half the company in the US and the other in Europe.'s Robert Girolama and USAData's Dana Winters were enjoying the evening, as were iClips's Roger Carmien and Full Audio's Debbie Newman. Victoria James' VP Marge Amodio introduced me to Addison's Interactive Media managing director Nancy Slome and one of their executive recruiters Jane Rand. The vivacious Victoria James told me about their offices in Stamford, which were outfitted entirely through direct mail or the Internet. Before leaving I bid "bonjour" and "adieu" to AIM's executive director Ben Isaacson, who introduced me to McLaughlin & Stern attorney Steven Schuster. And so rounded out another night of networking, dinner and most likely a deal or two too.