Saturday, March 07, 1998

Jaime Levy's party

The invitation read, "to enjoy, to prolong, to bring together, over and over again..." and if anyone can enjoy, prolong, and bring together, it's Jaime Levy. Despite the recent news of one of her original creations, WORD, a Silicon Alley content cornerstone, being shut-down, she and Lisa Cavender's joint birthday bash on Saturday, March 7th brought out some of Silicon Alley's finest. Jordan Serlin (Co-Founder, Director of Marketing, Electronic Hollywood -- Jamie's newest hot co.) and I dished and dug up dirt on well-wouldn't-you-like-to-know! Omar Wasow (NYOnline) was there with friends. Nerve Mag's editors, Rufus Griscom and Genevieve Fields were enjoying the fine night. This was, of course, before Rufus was quoted about politics and alley-antics in Crains this week, which also spurred debate on the wwwac list. Amanda Griscom (Rufus' sister) was there and looking severely hip. John, who works at Gateway, and Richard Tyson and I had a great time mingling with the guests.  Steven Warren was his usual mellow soul, as were Sarah, Morgan and someone named Dr. Vas Deferens. I swear I would've remembered their names, but Fred Meyer, of yet another recently closed classic Silicon Alley content house TotalNY, distracted me with the big bagel he was munching on as he arrived.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)