Wednesday, March 04, 1998

Cybergrrl's New Book & Jupiter's Digital Delirium

While Cybergrrl was signing her new book "Cybergrrl: A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web" at Barnes & Noble on Wednesday, March 4th. After a trip around the country, she hosted the evening's discussion on women and the internet and exuded infectious exuberance. Meanwhile, at the other end of town, and the other end of the spectrum, Jupiter Communications was hosting Digital Delirium, at The Supper Club. The event provided  the opportunity for seasoned new media executives, for whom Aliza's book would be elementary, to hobnob.

Both ends of the spectrum are important, the growth and interest in the internet is obvious as we have (and will have) both these types of events simultaneously occurring more and more around the country and world (wide web).

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)