Wednesday, November 05, 1997

Swedish Breakfast

We all know that New York is the "Capital of the World" (Giuliani), but our dear little Silicon Alley has reached up its new arms and grasped internationalism with a tenacious hold. Everyone knows the Web is boundless and your audience is not just BMT, IRT, or M104 riders, the tri-state area, or even the Continental U.S. anymore. (Indeed, @NY is read in more than 40 countries every week). And Silicon Alley's international strength is just starting to form its bud and burst open.

And on the morning of Nov. 5, I had an engaging breakfast at the Soho Grand Hotel with three top executives from Sweden. Over mushroom omelettes and coffee Lars-Henrik Friis Molin and Boris Nordenstrom, president and VP (respectively) of Universum (, and Jonas Granstrom, president of Jobline (, and I mused over the direction Silicon Alley has taken, is taking, and what will be. I have a feeling we'll be noticing a larger presence of European companies over the next year and they will be viable contributors to Silicon Alley and its success.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)