Friday, November 14, 1997

SonicNet's StreamLand

You can't really call a 10-foot roast beef sandwich "streamlined," but SonicNet's StreamLand music video product is just that, as the Nov. 14 party celebrating its launch proved. Ed Steinberg (president, Rockamerica) stood out in a fabulous floor length coat from Hyper Hyper in London. Business development rep Maria Aivatzidi was out networking and probably met Scott Harmolin (VP, ICon CMT), Dennis Adamo, (ICon CMT), and "Galinsky 1.5" of Pseudo, who seems to have added a number to his single name. Eric Oldsfield of N2K had kinds words for the competition: "I'm really excited to see that somebody's stepping into the high bandwidth arena for the music industry."

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)