Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama and Palin Dancing With The Stars

This is scary. And funny. Meanwhile, it is very interesting to observe how the French love Obama. There are 1/2 page ads/promotions that I saw in the Sunday paper, and the journalists love talking about him. There are at least four major Election Night parties (ranging from 10 to 160 euros) going on for Democrats and Republicans together. This could be dangerous normally but they're united by the fact that they're also American at the base. And there are parties for each party individually, not to mention that for each of these, Americans (and other expats), throughout the City of Light are hosting parties in their homes. Of course, unlike Election Night parties in the States, these all BEGIN at midnight and go on through the night till 6:00 am (yes, all of them). One will be serving Barack Obagels beginning at 3:00 am. The French/English TV news channel "France 24" is hosting a free party beginning at 7:00 am, also serving coffee.