Friday, November 28, 2008

Bloggers Have a Voice

Thanksgiving was especially potent for me yesterday as I celebrated with new friends and my fiance here in Paris. I was thankful I was able to prepare some delicious side dishes from my mother's cookbook to share, but mostly thankful that God's given me this enviable life today. I say enviable because many people envy it. And while it is "God given," I worked hard for the life I have today. And when I say "worked hard," I worked hard on myself, on improving areas of my life that weren't working so well anymore and becoming a better person (to myself and to others). I have some projects I'm slowly commencing on, and I am able to let myself be "in process" and not feel rushed to be the first to market, so to speak.

I was also brutally aware of my gifts in life as I watched, on the various news channels, the horrible events unfolding in India. Grateful I was safe (for today) and not in a terrorist situation. And my heart going out to everyone - but everyone - involved.

What was also an amusing--and very revealing--statement to me was on CNN. Bloggers were criticizing security in India. This in itself is not shocking. The events and security issues could be shocking. What was so amazing to me was that CNN is giving credibility/a voice to bloggers and their opinions. Of course, this isn't shocking in today's times. I'll be the first to admit that bloggers have changed the world. When more people blog, and more voices are heard, global changes begin because it's a global consciousness being raised. Bloggers are doing that. What's amazing to me is the near-futuristic reality of it all.

When was it when we said, "one day bloggers will be an important voice in media today." When was it when we said, "bloggers opinions will be so important they are cast on mainstream, network television."

Well, that day has come.

And for that, I, too, am thankful.