Friday, May 18, 2007

Supernova's Networking

Supernova's tagline is a good call to all tech-dot-com-Internet-emerging businesses: "Be challenged. Be provocative. Be productive." It's over 10 years since our world was challenged, provocative and productive. I think we're heading into a new phase of that, as does Mark Stalhman who was expounding on the 7-year cycle of things at the Supernova NYC cocktail reception on Tuesday, May 15th at the Gallery Bar on Orchard Street. Whilst talking with Tristan Louis, he explained how many cycles he's actually been a part of; let's just say he's seen it all and probably done it all! As we chatted, Social Media Club's Howard Greenstein snapped a photo and behind us were Connie Connors, Daphne Kis and Isabel Walcott Hillborn.

Greeting guests as they arrived were Supernova's Kevin Werbach who I immediately got a pic with. As I ventured forth for what was a quick round I passed Stephanie Agresta, Right Media's Jodie Kahn and MediaKat/Journalist Katherine Heires. There are a lot more snaps online so check out all the other fabulous people (like's Nate Westheimer). Oh. And you can find out more about Supernova at: