Friday, May 25, 2007

Celluloid and

Happy Rainy Friday Cyber Scenesters!

Well, I have been remiss in writing and my last missive, on June 25th, was short of skimpy, so herewith I shall attempt to divulge in various and sundry topics.

It's very exciting when people in your path becoming increasingly (and deservedly) successful Case in point is James Sanders who's book "Celluloid Skyline" was the basis for a Time Warner Classic month-long showcase from May 25th - June 22nd. [] The unveiling of a grand multimedia exhibition in Grand Central Terminal was on Tuesday, June 5th and I attended after some tapas at Cinema Restaurant with dear ol' Dad and graphic artist Emmanuel Joubeaud. The soiree was swirling with fans of James'--some old familiar A-listers and some new people like's Education, Events & Multimedia director Carmen Scheidel. After a swing around the exhibits we were off to Lincoln Center for the ballet. "Fin."