Wednesday, November 01, 2006

3LD Re-Birthday Party

Almost six years and a month later, I visited 3LD Art & Technology Center for their first Annual Re-Birthday Party.  Why a "First Re-Birthday Party?" Well, because their initial opening party was to be in October 2001, and it was to be produced by "Cocktails with Courtney."  We are all familiar with the tragedy that hit New York City (and the nation) in September of that year.  3LD was especially hard-hit.  Their studios were at 30 West Broadway and suffered complete damage from the destruction at the World Trade Center.

Their new home, as of Spring 2006, is located at 80 Greenwich Street in Lower Manhattan, just 3 blocks south of the WTC site.

They are the first producing arts group to sign a lease in the Liberty Zone and the first to rebuild downtown. A cultural anchor for the Greenwich Street Arts Corridor, their new center will provide complete production and presentation facilities for emerging and established artists and organizations that create large-scale experimental works, many of which incorporate and create new tools and technologies.

One of the elements that's so pertinent for readers of this publication, is the fact that the company has always had an integration of technology.  The founder also owns a software company. So.  Now, onto the party!  There were performances by Stephan Earnhart, Joshua Fried and the Curse of the Mystical Renaldo.