Monday, May 01, 2006

Masurlaw's Math-You Namie Art

Back in the 1840's the Union Square Savings Bank stood stately on the corner of 15th Street and Broadway. Today, it still does but instead of financial transactions the interactions are more entertainment-based. Home to the popular De La Guarda show and other compelling theater-pieces, it is also right around the corner from Steve Masur's popular law firm! And on May 1st, Steve opened the doors of his old-school swanky offices for viewing of Math-You Namie's pop art work and refreshments.

First of all, let me just say I have always been a big fan of Steve's--everything about him just oozes cool, class and hip style. He's one cool cat! From the wood-paneled offices to the old apothecary cabinets to the mega-chocolate fondue, this was definitely the place I wanted to be this May Day. And, he's got the perfect sense of style whether it's surfing on Montauk beach to playing in his band in a grungy bar (more on that later) to cruisin' in SF in a hot red convertible to business networking. Gentlemen--take note! He's the kind of man that gets involved with businesses and causes because he really cares, and, he not only knows his chops (in both business and music) but when he breaks out in a smile (or in a serious drum-solo), well, it'll warm up the whole room (or bar) depending on if you're listening to him discuss digital rights or beat out a kick-ass tune.

Okay, enough about Steve! ;) So the artwork was good too. Okay, back to the chocolate...when I could tear myself away from the totally succulent fruits (dipped in chocolate), I found myself chatting it up with entertainment, copyright and mediation attorney Alise Baldwin and Go-Cottage's Sharon Middendorf-Carter. UPOC's newish CEO (former Bigstar CEO) David Friedensohn was popping in cheese cubes as he showed me pics of his adorable dog on his cell phone. Moi? Je n'ai pas les photos de mon chien sur ma cell.

Towering against one of the walls was equally impeccably attired Henry Bar-Levav, co-founder of the incredible media design house Oven Digital and now CEO of Mission Assurance. He and Wi-fi Salon Marshall Brown CEO and founder were discussing advancements in the wireless field. We all had a little mini-reunion and apres, it was time for this reporter to head home and walk her cute little doggie.