Saturday, May 06, 2006

Artful Barlow Projecting Arts

Just days after the Brooklyn Warehouse fire, and with a great view of the site, Projectile Arts (PA) was "on fire" itself at its red-hot, steamy soiree (although the temperature was freezing outside) on Saturday, May 6th. As much as I love Brooklyn, it takes a lot to get this Manhattan-girl to the outtah burroughs. However, John Perry Barlow's BARLOWFRENZY/PROJECTILIZATON was compelling enough for me to trek there (in my far-too-summery skirt and top).

He drew artists, hipsters, musicians, actors and other creative dissidents to Greenpoint to the art collective that Barlow terms "is a circus for the senses." Co-host and director (or ring leader) of PA is Casey Meade. PA's makes "revelatory films, invokes inexplicable phenomena and divines profound meaning in the ordinary," which I'd say was evident by exploring and divining why there was an enormous catfish in an all-too-small-fish tank. Several of us commented on the tortured screams that must've been coming from this poor amphibian as the ambiant rock music thundered in the duplex space.

Upstairs, on the roof. people were smoking legal and illegal substances. There were beds where a few had staked their claim and demonstrated what appeared to be a preview for something more intimate (and perhaps exhibtionist).

I left before the (ahem) dancing started, but not before getting a "Women Are Smarter. Sister Sticker" from a dude and observing John finishing off a Dove Bar and Red Bull.

Of course, those who did stay for the three-day frenzy most likely indulged in anything that people brought to drink, eat, smoke, snort, inhale, or absorb via patches. Perhaps next time I'll have more courage to wait it out and see what comes as I pick up a hula hoop and dance like no one's watching! Barlow always promises a good time for those that indulge and inspire, like the man himself.