Sunday, July 04, 2004

TCS Intro ~ 7/2/04

Independence Day.

We celebrate our freedom. We celebrate our nation's struggle and triumph over being bound to political and religious laws, taxes and other shackles from another nation.

This year I celebrate a personal independence on many levels.

And while many in our world cannot celebrate independence the way we can, and while we struggle with questions of what's right and how far should we be involved across political and religious boundaries, there are also many within our own country who are also not as free as we are.

And so charities were created so those "more fortunate" can help those "less fortunate." There are many organizations that have extensive fund-raising and support networks. And then there are those smaller organizations that do just as valuable work, but do not have the funding resources.
Enter "Charity Network" stage left. Charity Network raises funds for charities that are too small to run their own fundraiser.

So while you're celebrating your independence from poverty and ignorance, why not come out and help organizations that are trying to help others achieve the same.