Thursday, June 24, 2004

Sugar party

In a blink, skip and hop, I jaunted over to a very sweet spot-Sugar, on Church Street. NYC TV was celebrating their one year anniversary on June 24th in true NY-style. There was the red-velvet rope, the guest list and the tough-guy bouncers on the outside, and the pulsating music, the free-flowing cocktails and the crush of hot professional bodies on the inside.
I squirmed my way to the back and then back again to the front. And on my way I chatted with NYC TV general manager Arick Wierson and NYC TV director of business development and operations Trevor Scotland. NY1 reporter/producer Elizabeth Gerst is also on deck, as the director of program development. Ms. Gerst is an award-winning broadcasting veteran, who honed her skills as a producer and writer at CNN. Currently you can see NYC TV on Cable channels: 74 and
Happy Sunny Days Everyone!