Tuesday, July 09, 2002

NYNMA's CyberSuds

The Tiki Room Bar & Restaurant on 22nd street has undergone almost as many changes as the tech scene in New York. It was once Fred's Beauty Bar, and before that it had some other name and it will probably change again. And the tech scene has changed as well, as indicated by the Tuesday night CyberSuds on July 9th.

Like the New York standard restaurants, there are some standard players who will always be a part of the tech scene . As I entered the Polynesian-themed bar I ran into two new media originals--Debbie Newman and Mark Stahlman. They were lounging on a banquette and Mark made it known that he's working on some great stuff and will ALWAYS be here. A bit further inside I chatted with David Schriffen and Location Based Branding, Inc.'s David Polinchock for a spell. FundingPost.com's Howard Schwartz, his father and Joe Rubin told me all about their national partnerships and roll-out plans. Blink.com's COO Ari Paparo told me his company was just sold and is now called BlinkPro. Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" was playing in the lineup of 80s tune while I chatted with project manager Adam Rosenberg. There were small groups clustered throughout the room, laughter was bubbling up from conversations as most everyone was enjoying a cold drink on the warm summer night.