Thursday, July 25, 2002

The Cyber Scene in DC ~ by Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.


On July 25th, at precisely Happy Hour o'clock, Capitol Hill's leaders gathered in the Russel Senate Building's Caucus Room to honor the nine women Senators: Mikulski, Hutchinson, Feinstein, Boxer, Murray, Snowe, Collins, Landrieu and Lincoln. Their new book, "Nine and Counting", was being promoted by women's web giant has been at the forefront in hosting web Presidential debates and other live political events.

Benefiting from the proceeds of book sales are the Girl Scouts: 5 of the nine women Senators are former scouts. The presence of the scouts were felt from the many girls scouts in uniform, several scout execs in the "adult" uniform (dark green suit or coat dress, patterned green and burgundy silk scarf, badges), and many consumed Thin Mint cookies (who, moi?).

Admirers present included Senators Kennedy and Dodd, along with teen aged Senate Pages Jeffrey Kerner and Andrew Jandt. Jandt winked a "no comment" when asked if he came to scope out the scene. Kerner piped up with, "I don't think we're supposed to be here, but women are such valuable . . . women are so valuable."

The wine and beer table was serving Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Michelob and West Virginia's Quibell water. At the food buffet, besides the aforementioned Thin Mints, were fried chicken fingers, cold salmon with capers, sliced tropical fruits, little piped hors d'oerves, domestic cheeses and the Greek spinach pastry, "spanakopita". Those required several tastings by those in the know.

One of those "in the know" was preppily attired Summer Intern Christopher Kramer, who works for Senator Levin on the Investigations Subcommittee. This pro-women's rights University of Michigan student was wearing a special tie that his grandfather gave him on his first day on Capitol Hill.

The audience of about 250 people applauded the tried and true wisdom of the Senators, who were introduced by Cokie Roberts. One of those applauding was Admiral Susan Blumenthal, the U.S. Asst. Surgeon General. A glamorous platinum blonde in her sharp black-and-gold uniform, career officer Blumenthal is very appreciative of the nine Senators' efforts to advance the issue of women's health.

Everyone received goody bags containing a copy of "Nine and Counting", the latest Ladies Home Journal and the Girl Scout's leadership magazine. An adorable young girl scout in many braids, bows and beads ran after Cokie Roberts to get an autograph. Roberts demurred, "I'm not a Senator!" Well, that's why the book's called "Nine and Counting ...only nine women are.