Thursday, January 10, 2002

"Money, Money, Money...

...Always funny in a rich man's world." As the wildly popular Swedish singing sensation ABBA phrased it, life is easy when you have some money. And these days, topics surrounding this highly desirable asset are drawing crowds in record numbers. Everyone wants to figure out how they can get some of the good stuff too and to answer the call, Kickstart Office Centers in coordination with Schultze Roth & Zabel LLP hosted a morning panel on "Standing Out in a Hungry Crowd: Raising Capital in Tough Times" on Thursday, January 10th at the Kickstart Office Center on 34th Street.
Moderated by Venture Architects president and CEO Melissa Krinzman the panelist discussed various strategies with presenting your business plan to potential investors, exit strategies they prefer, term sheets, communication issues with investors, dynamics with broker-dealers and financing alternatives for low-tech companies.

Witticisms were doled out by Silicon Alley Seed Investors principal Ramana Jampala, New York City Investment Corporation's vice president Nina Orville, GreenHills Ventures managing general partner Emanuel Martinez, Milestone Venture Partners general partner Todd Pietri and Schultz Roth & Zabel's Michael Littenberg. Full discussion points are available for Inner Circle Members only. Please email for information, or join today at:

Among the busy networkers garnering information and contacts were VSA Consulting Group's Steven Wieczorek, private investor Philip Perrone, AirSphere president Dean Margolis, Globalitronix COO Lara George, CEO Robert Steir and Phil Kiracofe. I also chatted with Sandles Capital Resources president Ellen Sandles and Kickstart EVP business development Jonathan Mensch before heading out. There were plenty of people still angling to network, so the day was off to a good start for many!