Friday, October 19, 2001

Publisher's Note ~ Culture, Arts, Etc

Please note our new phone number is now: 212-627-8560

From identifying venture opportunities in Silicon Alley and how to rebuild it as a technology center to a grand dinner party in Grand Central to a fortnight of events spanning business, food, culture and arts between the UK and NY to Swedish pop music, this week has been an exciting whirlwind in the Big Apple.

In an effort to keep one foot in the tech scene while dipping our toes in more cultural affairs, you'll start noticing more reports on arts in general here. Long-time readers may remember an occasional story about the arts in The Cyber Scene, so this shift shouldn't feel too different.

And as we progress into our long-term war against terrorism, New York City is flip-flopping between "getting back-to-business" and fear seeping into our thick skin. In light of the more "subtle" attacks on our people with tainted letter, isn't it nice to get email from a trusted source? And on that note, I present this week's exciting show of events!