Friday, October 19, 2001

ADV ~ Special Offer For the Male Readers of "The Cyber Scene"

Now, attention all male-readers! That's right, boys, I've got a special offer for you! You may have read in last week's "Cyber Scene" about Emmanuel Citron and his Traditional Matchmakers service. Well he just did a promotion on the must-read email blast for all hip NYC chicks - Daily Candy -- and now it's your turn. This exclusive, personal and very private service is waiving their introductory fee ($150.00) and the first month's membership fee ($25.00 per month) to the FIRST 500 MEN who qualify to join their "initial pool." No obligation and lots of women already in the system. But please-show Emmanuel that you're one of my quality readers-they are looking for people who are sincere about using their service (it is for people who are genuinely looking for a relationship - not just someone to shack up with). To join (and get the waived fees) go to: and use the following pre-authorized code on the billing page of their registration process: courtney (all lower case)