Thursday, June 11, 1998

WWWAC meeting and KRON

Standing above the Summer Garden at Rockefeller Center, combating busses, "jubilant" party-ers, and a band that wouldn't quit, I was interviewed by Stan Bunger of KRON-TV. So the Valley folks got a unique cross-section of the New Media event/party scene on Thursday, June 11.  We started off at a WWWAC meeting, which was focused that night on distance learning. The presentations were rich with various companies and schools discussing their distance learning programs and the future of education.  Characteristically, the merry band of wwwacky's had wry comments and sharp wit as they called out news stories from the past week. One gentleman in particular, an advocate of free software distribution, zealously informed us of the day when free software will reign and MS-based products will actually fall by the wayside. Bunger and crew noted afterwards that its refreshing to hear such "anarchy" (my words) as their is hardly anyone left on the West Coast who would dare breathe a word of dissonance against the Gatesian Kingdom and all its fiefdoms.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)