Thursday, June 11, 1998

The Advertising New York '98 benefit

We hopped in a cab and went 3 blocks from the Canadian Consulate  (gracious hosts of the WWWAC mtg) to Rockefeller Center. (Well, they *were* carrying lots of heavy equipment.) The Advertising New York '98 benefit event brought together the Ad. Club of NY, the Ad Women of NY, and the American Ad Federation. They were raising money to benefit charitable causes and honoring the winners of the Good Egg award, which is given to a company that makes public service an important part of their business. Price Waterhouse, Young & Rubicam, and Schlolastic Inc. were the winners, and Publicolor received an award for their contribution to education in NYC. 36 companies from these clubs sponsored city eateries and had one of their employees (like Al Roker (NBC), Wenda Harris Millard (Doubleclick), and David Rosengarten (Food Network) "cook" the food. I met "celebrity chefs" John Messina (AOL), and Greg Bauer (Ticketmaster). Robert Ruskstalis (MassiveMedia) wasn't cooking but was enjoying the People magazine properties' yummy hors d'ouevres. I allowed myself to indulge in that which I normally wouldn't and sampled Hearst Magazine's (Alan Waxenberg) lamb burger, The Ad Age Group's  gourmet pig-in-a-blanket, and a corn dog (which actually brought back bad memories of 4th grade lunch)! Frank Cina, with Hearst Magazines, was enjoying the fine samplings, as was Jennifer Sokol of Darwin Digital, and Katie Gallagher and Lydia Snape of Renegade Marketing Group. Renegade was a finalist for the Good Egg award for their work with Per Scholas (, and recently won the Gold Effie for their Panasonic campaign.

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)