Wednesday, April 08, 1998

Warner Brother's "City of Angels"

It has been out for a week now, but I was one of a few lucky people who got to attend an advance screening of "City of Angels" at the Warner Brothers screening room on Wednesday, April 8. The usual suspects were in attendance with me: Emily Davidow (, Bonnie Halper (, David Blumenstein (, Michael Tchong (C|Net), Paul Kotonis, and Tery Spataro and Alec Pollack of Stir Associates. Stir designed and developed the website for this movie, which according to Don Buckly (Sen. VP of theatrical marketing & new media) is unusual, as Warner Bros. have a full production team in house. The site is beautiful, the movie has some fantastic cinematography, and Nicholas Cage isn't too bad looking either!

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)