Wednesday, April 01, 1998

Silicon Alley film party "downstairs" crew

The city is all a buzz with mentions of El Nino and what it's doing to our weather. And by now, I'm sure you've all heard the buzz about Jonathan Sarno's upcoming film on Silicon Alley. He had a reading of the script last week, and there have been several parties for people interested in the film in conjunction with Buzz/NYC at Nells. Buzz/NYC had another bash at this famed club on Weds, April 1st. The club was filled with 20-something's in "Fashion Dont's" -- most likely from the mix of people leftover from the party earlier, for "Index," a fashion and music type zine. Young women in white tank tops and assorted parachute/combat type pants looked trashy, and other women in halter top dresses and all men in black zoot suits made this conservatively clad reporter feel stylishly archaic.

Downstairs was a whole different story -- DJ Stormin' Norman mixed a bad groove and here I found the new media folks.  Anton Self and partner Phillipe Araras of Telephant were stylishly casual. David Chachere, of the New York Indep. Film Monitor, spoke with me about the progress of Sarno's film. Jonathan Faber (L.I. Film) and Chris Allbritton (Cyberspace reporter, Assoc. Press) (both looking elegantly casual) and I had a meaty debate over the future of the web. Faber was positive about Community re-establishing itself as a main component after attending a seminar on this subject by Basex. Allbritton is putting his stock in e-mail and bulletin boards, where he thinks true community and usefulness can be had. And me? I me-tooed them both ('cause I believe in both means) as I spied the 6' tall drag queen with a 2' tall black, curly, long-haired, wig sashaying through the room.

Mr. Allbritton and I had a good discussion on the state of reporting on the web, and various accounts of funny interviews and favorite stories. We also discussed the WebLab's upcoming Silicon Alley Talent Show benefiting the Web Development Fund ( This coming Saturday, it is sure to be a hoot getting to see some of New York new media's most visible people show off their other talents. I for one will have the luxury of not performing and being able to enjoy the show! 

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)