Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Commonwealth Network party @ Wax

SUPER SLICK SOHO was the designated neighborhood for the Commonwealth Network party on March 26 @Wax. The packed, hot and smokey atmosphere created the perfect environment for mucho networking, martini drinking, and that giddy-headed experience of being in New York's new media community.

Samatha Skey, director of PR for Interactive Imaginations, Inc. gave me theskinny on the event. Initially, Commonwealth Network was created to, through a network of 500 sites. The number of sites that wanted to get in on the Riddler craze grew to such a rate, CWN decided maybe they'd accept banner sales as well. Now, it's is a network of 8,000 sites. They took the model of a full page ad and implemented it across the top 250 sites within this network. Users register one time and are served up a full page ad that would more than likely be of interest based on their profile. Skey claims a 15-percent click-through rate as well. WooWoo!

Surfing the room, I managed to talk with several people. Here's just a few: Thefirst person I ran into was my good ol' friend Anton Self, now CEO of Telephant, a company in the business of selling T1s. When asked what he's been up to lately, Anton replied: "selling pipes." Go Anton!

(Appeared originally in @The Scene in the @NY newsletter)