Monday, April 08, 2013

ISG's First Monday's

As I am learning, there are lots of tech events in Paris, and there even was one in my neighborhood. So I made my way down to the International Business School's (ISG) First Monday event on Digital on April 8th, sponsored in part by the school and Kurt Salmon.

We heard from several speakers on their firm's digital initiatives: Audrey Bouchet who works at BNP Paribas and Thierry Legrix de la Salle, devlopment director at Modedemploi, whose agency is one of the entities from the Happy Together group). Kurt Salmon's Pascal Ouvrard, in charge of Banking, also spoke to the audience of mostly men from a variety of non-tech backgrounds. Frederic-Gerard Leveque, Edelman SVP Digital, had a short and sweet Powerpoint presentation and, old-timer like me, we chatted afterwards about people we knew in common.

One of the organizers, BPCE's Senior Banking Project Manager Olivier Chaussy, was the perfect host, introducing people and forging connections. Through him I met Maximiles Directrice Conseil Anne Fleury-Ronzier and Conciergerie Privee Charlotte Panis.