Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cocktails with Courtney ~ January

Ringing in the New Year felt more trans-Atlantic this year than in years past. Surely I've called home when it was midnight in Paris, but this year I had one of my "state-side" friends with me! Tery Spataro came for a visit, which gave us a chance to cook some lamb shoulder (beautifully prepared by the butcher), delicious potatoes (by Tery) and a traditional galette des rois for dessert.

Two days later we sat down together at the usual Tuileries bar in the Westin Hotel with other entrepreneurs for the first Cocktails with Courtney of 2013. Tery gave a talk on the confluence between people's needs and their behavior with technology and how they have evolved together to solve problems.

Social Media consultant Mary B. Adams, Backend Manager at Walkin Kai Carver and lawyer and seasoned expat Philip Yook all came by for an intimate occasion to discuss the implications of Tery's talk and discuss related topics. We also got to learn about Tweego (Together We Go) as Founder and CEO Philippe Vincens explained how with his service you can search for thematic experiences (trips), join in and reserve with other participants all in a social media setting.

It was a cosy and fun way to kick of 2013! Looking forward to more!