Monday, April 30, 2012

Cameron Yancy Shines

Cameron Yancy is a bright star in her field. She has the luck of youth, enthusiasm and the gift of savvy smarts to help her build her budding career at The Idea Village. She started as a volunteer and then interned as she helped on the 2001 coffee table book HowThey Did It. Her hard work paid off and she transitioned into the Special Projects Coordinator and then finally to her present position as Communications Manager. Born and raised in New Orleans she returned in 2009 after school. Cameron says that coming back she didn't realize the wealth of opportunities available now in NOLA. The Idea Village, and NOLA in general, now has so many new connections and opportunities, you can come in and get C-level management roles and opportunities when you dive in and seize the opportunities here. Despite her youth, Cameron has an informed viewpoint having grown up in New Orleans. She informed me during our meeting on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, that today "there is a holistic approach with entrepreneurs here." There is an idea of "how can we push New Orleans" to the forefront. They want to help each other. As The Idea Village's CEO Tim Williamson said, "the Brain Drain has stopped with Cameron. She is a real-life example of Talent who has stayed."