Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Cocktails with Courtney" - Change your passwords!

My my, time does fly.  I can't believe here we are at the end of April and I'm planning my May "Cocktails with Courtney," which is a rude reminder that I have neglected writing about my February event. Mea Culpea.

And what an event it was. We were graced with the impressive (in stature, knowledge and wit) Henry Bar Levav CEO of Recursion Ventures and Henry Mbom who's in charge of Recursion's International Business Development. Both sporting hats and coats they settled into the push red velvet armchairs at The Westin Hotel's Tuileries Bar on February 29th and regaled us with their day's adventures in the silk district. Hunting for the perfect bolt of silk isn't Henry's only talent. After learning more about each of the attendees that night, he nearly terrified us with the depth and precision of his knowledge on computer (personal, banks, and corporate) security. After this brief talk, he and Bobby had to part for a dinner with some high-level government officials, leaving Antique dealer Alain Cartier, Oasys Consultants's Elodi Warnod,'s Sarah Towle, Sofitel Hotel's Susana Herrera-Masias and's Shawn Convery into thinking we should all change our passwords as soon as we got home!