Sunday, September 21, 2008

Madonna was a bust

We saw the Madonna concert on 9/21/08 at the Stade de France and it was a bust. The best part about our seats was that they were in the section called the "Vomitoire." If that doesn't say it all, what does? I love it because "vomir" in french means "to throw," as in throw things from your seats (back in the coliseum days) when you didn't like the show.

I also like how the "no smoking" rule for Parisians seems to be voided just because they are sitting outdoors. Um, it's a tightly packed place with winds and non-smokers get whiffs of all that toxic tobacco just the same.

Reverbs with sound, and sitting so far away that even the video screens were smaller than Emmanuel's TV made the experience complete. I actually don't know if I saw Madonna. I saw a blond puff hopping around from about a football-field's lenght up and away!

Oh well. Viva la difference (between Bercy (where we saw Coldplay) and the Stade)!