Wednesday, March 19, 2008

InterNation-ally Yours

Last night was Paris's largest international Meetup. I didn't get to that one (next time!). I did, however, get to Paris's first InterNations, soiree on March 13th at Carr's Irish Pub. I met many interesting expats: Gary from Berkeley, who's been here 17 years; Melissa from New York, who's here 10 months and working for Nestle; and Andy Coyne, who I suspect you will hear much more about in the coming months. He's a major organizer of expat events here in Paris, and generates a big event each time. There were many other interesting artists and business-folks, some who'd come from the group Kunveno, which also holds artistic-type soirees. Here are two pictures from the InterNations blog, courtesy of Andy's friend James Kigin: one, two